The Wine Rack – Wine, Dine and Repeat!

Everything is fair in love (of good food) and wine! That is how one of the most popular sayings gets altered in the most beautiful way at The Wine Rack.

Located in the cozy corner of High Street Phoenix, this restaurant has already set its standards high by serving food that suits every palate and a bar stacked with wines from all over the world. We visited the restaurant in the afternoon to review their newly introduced lunch menu. The sun was blazing outside but we were instantly calmed down by the charming interiors of this lovely restaurant. Entering the place you will see a huge rack  stacked with wines from different countries and as the way leads you more inside the restaurant you will come across a bar experience never to forget. The seating arrangement is a little bit tricky as we found the tables were small and can be uncomfortable while eating.

Moving from the ambience to the food, we started our culinary affair by pairing The Wine Rack Antipasti Platter with two of their recommended cocktailsBKK Nights and Holy Smoke. BKK Nights came to us as a pleasant surprise; the cocktail was a unique combination of Tom Yum Gin and Kaffir Lime. What intrigued us about Holy Smoke was its preparation which we couldn’t help but filming it. The antipasti platter was not a great start to the food tasting session as we expected something more than just the blue cheese which was the star of the platter. After the antipasti platter, our palate headed towards tasting the dishes that were Sarah Todd’s take on Indian street food. We absolutely loved the Sun-Dried Tomato Kulcha that came with crumbled bocconcini and sriracha hummus and the Red Wine Duck Kulcha with gorgonzola cheese.

The dish which caught our culinary eye from the Small Plates was the Burrata Cheese and Tomato Gazpacho that was served with Pepper Naan. The rich buttery flavor of Burrata went perfectly well with the gazpacho and the naan. The Goat Cheese Churros we tasted however fell flat as compared to the other dishes served. One of the best parts of the review was the courteous staff of The Wine Rack. Cheers to their knowledge of food and beverages which really helped us throughout our review. We also had a chance to talk to Chef Himanil Khosla, Executive Chef of The Wine Rack and hear a little bit of his culinary journey as well as his experience and thoughts behind every dish he curates at the restaurant. Throughout the review, he explained us every dish he served with all the minute details and ideas he had put in the preparation and presentation.

When he served us the Kolhapuri Slow Cooked Lamb on Betel Leaf from the small plates, he told us that the lamb for this dish had been cooked slowly for seven hours until it achieved the perfection which totally reflected in the dish. The meat was extremely juicy and we were left amazed by the delicious flavour that lingered in our mouth when we tried the raan along with the betel leaf.

From the Large Plates, our pick is the Miso Glazed Norwegian Salmon with Fried Rice and Brussel Sprout on the side. The salmon was flavorful and nicely done that paired well with the rice. This dish is absolutely filling for one person.

The sweet treats were already calling for us by the time we finished with the salmon. The Chef recommended us to try their Chocolate Chilli Mousse and Iced Nougat. These pretty looking desserts made for a perfect sweet ending to our review. Out of the two our pick is the Iced Nougat that came with red wine pomegranate coulis. This rich dessert was a stunning combination of crunchy nuts, dried fruits and melt in the mouth creaminess.

Being Mumbai’s first concept restaurant to have a wine shop within it, this place is a must visit for all your wine cravings topped with food that balances both creativity and simplicity, thus leaving you with a lovely experience overall.

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