The Grammar Room: An All Day Café with views TDF

Nestled in one corner of the Olive in Mehrauli lies their newest outpost, a cosy and very chill café that seems to have caught the fancy of the swish set, and is visible on everyone’s social media feed. The Grammar Room lies at the perfect intersection of good food and even better vibes, and is winning the game for us on several counts!

For starters, the place oozes atmosphere, far away from the maddening crowd and yet within easy reach from the usual hotspots. Bordering an ocean of green, and the historical Mehrauli ridge give it additional brownie points, and an inherent laid back charm amped by all-day service, board games and attentive and disarming service have us all mushy even before we have had a look at the menu. This is the kind of place where you want to spend long lazy afternoons, with your gang or even a favourite read for company.

The menu is focussed and carefully put together, and Chef Sahil calls out each of the dishes as his personal favourites, refusing to take sides! We notice a healthy mix of summery salads, breakfast specials, comfort bowls and do-it-yourself pancakes, making this a very brunch inclined place. Eggs get special place here, and we love the Make Some Egg Room which showcases this beauty in three inventive ways. The Shrimp Benedict Brioche is delish too, just the right mix of creamy and gooey and packed with plump ocean beauties.

I am not much of a cheese lover- but the Burrata & Co makes me do a solid re-think, pairing super fresh and milky cheese with citrus wedges, rocket leaves, caramelized walnuts and an option of Parma ham as well in case you want to meat it up.

We also love the clear Japanese influence on the menu- from Karaage to Katsu Chicken and Japanese Egg Fried Rice, there is good old fashioned hearty stuff that is also done beautifully and is perfect for sharing too. The TGR Fried Rice is a clear winner for us, beautifully balanced, packed with greens and starchy rice and just the kind of mild mannered spicing that makes up happy after a hectic night.

The desserts selection is short but sweet, and a clear winner is the TGR Crumpet that features moist and tender pancakes topped with jaggery sauce, coconut crumble and ice-cream. We also fall nostalgically in love with the Cookie and Milk, which takes a freshly baked chunky cookie and dunks it in vanilla infused milk to make for a mushy treat.

The Grammar Room features an expansive selection of drinks, ranging from the hot to the cold, and the fruity to the boozy. Perfect to combat this weather is a range of refreshing spritzers and sangrias that are equal parts refreshing and tipsy, and if you want stiffer stuff, go for one of the special infused G&T’s. We love the Cucumber and Thyme one, and the All Spice has the kind of punch that can get us revving in no time.

For a slightly less intoxicating tipple, we recommend the Vietnamese Iced Coffee that is milky, sweet and robust, and the Cinnamon Cold Brew that is perfectly brewed and has just that little subtle fragrance about it. There are also a range of soothing herbal infusions to choose from as you settle in and soak in a melting sunset.

The Grammar Room gets our vote for being simple and focussed in an age where an abundance in dining places is overwhelming us, and clearly showering love and care to everything that it serves. Additionally, an environ of peace and some time away from life are added bonuses that we know will bring us back here super soon!

– By Bikram Bindra for Food and Wine India 

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