Pra Pra Prank: Two Times Everything, for double the fun!

Even though DLF CyberHub still manages to survive the hype and pull in the crowds, I often struggle to find inventiveness and interesting concepts in this buzzy destination, with most places going down a very formulaic path and compromising on not just the food, but also on an overall ambience and service. In this sea of sameness, we were pleasantly surprised to experience a new kid of the block- Pra Pra Prank that ups not just the food expectations, but also packs in many surprises as you unpeel its many layers.

Advertised as a playful brasserie, it is tough to categorise this place in terms of experience, ambience and even the food, until we are told that the whole theme is to offer two things rolled into one! Starting with the eclectic and very elaborate food, to the concept and even the atmosphere, everything has an element of quirk that slowly reveals itself to you.

Starting off with the ambience, as you walk through the restaurant you notice beautifully decked up windows, and we are told that this is the first establishment in the country to have focussed on visual merchandising- enough to perk our curiosity! The intrigue doesn’t just end there- but extends into the interiors as well, with fun wall installations and projections on walls showcasing everything from Charlie Chaplin to Mr. Bean (talk about engaging diners while they wait for their meal!). But that isn’t enough, because on closer inspection we discover that a cabinet of carefully collected miniature bottles actually hides inside it an exquisite and modern bar- which changes the mood and vibe and transports us into a hip almost club like feel from a buzzy restaurant outside!

The theme of duality extends into the food as well and with an equal focus on Modern Indian and Modern Asian, this places ticks all the boxes for us by serving some old favourites but with just that little twist. We absolutely love the Nepalese Chicken Broth, which is comforting and warm and has tender nibbles happily swimming in it. This is one bowl we can imagine savouring again and again!

The rest of the Asian selection bowls us over too- the sushi is on point, and Pra Pra Prank does an inventive vegetarian Rainbow Roll that will win over the non-believers too! The Spinach and Pakchoy Dumpling with Pine Nuts is another winner and works well with the ‘prank’ sauce it comes with.

Lovers of Appams rejoice- Pra Pra Prank serves up our favourite Kerala import with great élan, pairing it with peanut and coconut flavoured chicken. We enjoy the new age Khow Suey too, which skips the heaviness of coconut milk and keeps things light with soba noodles and steamed vegetables.

What takes the cake though is the Indian Ocean Baked Lobster, a dish that tastes as good as it looks. Baked to perfection, with tender sweet meat that is steeped in whole spices like pepper and cinnamon and melts with every mouthful.

The drinks selection competes stiffly with our grub, and we are also told of the in-house infused ‘gins’ that need our attention. Vodka that is infused with juniper berries and a range of flavours like orange, thyme, cucumber and mint is heady and pairs well with a side of tonic. For cocktail lovers, dive deep into an array of specials that range from an Early Morning Gin Sour, to a popcorn and coffee laden Bourbon number- the Prohibition Pop Up. There are a range of delicious mocktails as well that one can savour in the elegance of the bar, but we need our booze on a Saturday night!

Happy, satiated and very ‘pranked’, we are glad to give a thumbs up to this new addition to glitzy CyberHub, which with its many hues, and such an expansive menu will ensure there is something new every time we walk into its eccentric world!

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