Keiba: Asian Retreat at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse

Are you planning for a weekend that makes up for the hustle, traffic and the chaos? If yes then we do have a place for you. Sitting pretty at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse, Keiba (pronounced as kay-ee-bah) is a newly opened South East Asian fine-dining restaurant that certainly deserves to be on the list if you are looking for a relaxed and laid-back lunch. In Japanese, Keiba means horse racing and the restaurant certainly gives you the feel of dining by the sun and the stables.

The décor is charming and poised, spread across 3,800 sq. feet with a beautiful view of magnificent horses as the stable is located right next to the restaurant. The seating arrangement is variedly divided into outdoor and indoor dining spaces including a raised upper-level outdoor machan and a live sushi counter. The overall ambience of the restaurant is warm and inviting where you can unwind yourself from the hullabaloo of the city.

We started our lunch with some refreshing cocktails as directed by the service staff as one of their best at Keiba. We liked the punchy Whack Attack that was made with lemon bitters, kaffir lime leaf gomme shaken with gin, sake and fresh lime. If you are a gin lover then this cocktail is certainly worth trying. The vodka connoisseurs also have a good option to go with, the Old Soul which is also one of their signature cocktails. The cocktail round was followed by some salads which made for a perfect start to our meal. Our special mentions from the salad menu are the Thai Melon and Torn Salad Leaves with Crunchy Nuts and the Gado Gado Salad. The salads will leave you with a nice zappy taste making you all ready to savor on the next course.

For the appetizers, our pick from the menu is Chicken Yakitori Togarashi, Pork Spare Rib in Black Pepper Sauce and the Cured Bass in Pandan Leaf. The yakitori, one of the traditional dishes of Japan is worth trying here along with the succulent pork ribs. Though the sea bass was slightly overcooked, it came with an in-house sauce that enhanced the taste of the dish. Coming to the Dim Sums, we found the Shrimp Chilli Oil an excellent choice at the restaurant. The briny shrimps tasted most delicious with the chilli oil, particularly popular in the Sichuan cuisine. We would also recommend you to try the Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun, a Cantonese dish which is made from wide strips of rice noodles with succulent prawns made up to the right level of crispiness.

For the mains, our pick from the menu is the Chef’s special Chiang Mai Curry that comes with rice and Mantao. This Chinese steamed bun is the highlight of the dish that goes perfectly well with the curry making you love the dish even more. Also, the Grilled Lobster with Soy Butter Garlic deserves a special mention for the main course. This perfectly seasoned dish of lobster that came with a good hint of garlic made our day.

At the end of our meal, we had to listen to our sweet tooth craving which made us order their special dessert drink – Sakhoo Mapraw Oon and Chocolate Fondant with Hazelnut Gelato. Out of the desserts we tasted, one which certainly deserves a try is the hazelnut gelato. Its subtle and refreshing taste marked for a perfectly sweet end to our delectable meal at Keiba.

The overall experience at Keiba can be summed up as nice, warm and relaxing with decadent food and service that is friendly and timely. If you are wondering where to land up for your next culinary expedition, surely Keiba is your choice.



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