Drifters Brewing Co. – Where Beer Culture is Celebrated!

Located in Lower Parel, Kamala Mills, this place is one of the true breweries in Maharashtra. This restaurant is on right next to the popular club PLAY.

On entering the restaurant you instantly get an exotic vibe with the wooden furniture and tall palm trees all around. This is a huge place with both outdoor and indoor seating. The interiors are well done and the theme is like a dim light pub giving you a laid back feel. Having a unique range of beer specialties that are brewed here using the finest Czech malts and best quality hops, we tasted three different types of beer, all having a unique taste in their own way.

Hefeweizen Beer, a intense cloudy beer with a strong banana and clove aroma with hints of citrus-zest . It was really refreshing and lively for people who enjoy hints of malty sweetness, and bitterness at the end.

Belgian Style Witbier, made of wheat, very smooth to drink with hints of curacao orange peel and coriander delivering a complex yet easily refreshing taste.

Love potion Cider is a apple cider beer which is a go to, for all those beer lovers who look for a subtle yet refreshing taste. It lies more on a sweeter side with a hint of sourish taste too. This beer is very popular in the UK and is widely available.

The Senior Captain Dipesh from the restaurant helped us to order dishes from the menu that went perfectly well with the beers we were enjoying. Our pick from the appetizers is Couscous Fritters, a must try dish for the vegetarians out there. Made up of porridge these are shallow fried patties which  are served with two different types of dips, one being spicy and other being on a sweeter yet flavorful to balance both the buds of sweet and spicy.

If you want to keep it light, then they have an appealing Mediterranean Mezze platter that will waken up your taste buds with the lip-smacking classic hummus, sun-dried tomato hummus, jalapenos hummus, tzatziki dip served with assorted spinach pita bread.

Next dish which deserves a mention is the Chicken Harissa. If you an ardent lover of chicken, this is a must try dish that comes with a very smooth flavor booming in your mouth. The chicken was soft and juicy cooked to perfection.

For the main course, we would suggest you with go with their Paella, a seafood black rice risotto dish with mini prawns, minced salmon fish, and healthy veggies like eggplant olives coming all the way from Nagaland. Chicken Breast with Creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce was a another delicious chicken main course, served with bell-peppers  and creamy mash on the side just made our day. This is dish is absolutely filling for one person and the creaminess of the mash and the zesty flavor of the sauce certainly made the flavors stand out from the rest.

By the time we were finished with our beers, we already had a sweet tooth craving and then there was the time for some really good desserts. We tasted Baklava a Turkish Delight, one of the most famous dishes in the world, made of layers of filo and filled with chopped nuts. We thought they should have experimented with this amazing dessert giving their unique twist to it. As far as the texture is concerned, it didn’t match up to our expectation.

Panna cotta which is one of their famous delicacies stood absolutely up to its mark. It had a perfect balance of sweetness. Very soft and smooth to the tongue, this dessert melts in your mouth in no time. If you want a break from chocolate for once we totally recommend this dessert.

In all, our experience was greatly satisfying and full marks for the service. If you are thinking for a nice beer time with your buddies this weekend then this place is surely a must visit!


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