Loaves of Happiness!

No sorrow can outlast the aroma of freshly baked bread. Fo’ shizzle!

Those freshly baked soft loaves when come out of the oven literally bring happiness with them. Breakfast becomes so good and the day starts out to be the best. All great that starts great, you can say with a slice of warm bread in hand!

Bread is an important part of our day-to-day eating routine even though we live in the eastern part of the globe. Research says that India is a major production-house for bakery products and bread has a large percentage of the share. We all love bread, c’mon that’s a fact! From munching on yummy sandwiches to fresh toast with butter, bread is blissful the every time you eat. With our sweeping love for this scrummy bakery good, we went bread hunting to find of our favorite picks and share this love with our readers. We wanted to discover a bread paradise with a variety available at one place and finally, our search ended at Foodhall!

Foodhall has a wide variety of gourmet bread from artisanal ones to charcoal buns for you to choose from for your next bread craving.

We loved their collection and here are some of our favorite picks from Foodhall that are a must try:


It is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, olive oil, salt and yeast and generally used in sandwiches. Ciabatta bread is a treat in sandwiches, popular as Panini and is not categorized as a diet food.

Melba Toast:

Everyone is familiar with this tasty toast that is served with a soup or a salad as a delicious accompaniment. Top up with this bread with cheese or any spreads of your choice and perk up your salad meal for the day.

Quinoa Bread:

This is one of our favorites from the list since it’s healthy and gluten-free. For all the healthy eaters out there or those with gluten allergy, this bread made from the quinoa flour is your go-to treat.

Multigrain Loaf:

Packed with much more nutrition from the regular white bread, this multigrain bread is surely a must try. This bread is a perfect alternative to all your sandwich cravings if you want to avoid those unwanted calories in the white bread.


Popular throughout Italy and also around the world, Foodhall offers three different variations of this scrumptious bread. Eat it as a side or make a delicious sandwich, the choice is yours.

Activated Charcoal Pizza Bread and Buns:

Activated charcoal is a powder is made from carbonized wood and thus serves as a natural food coloring. Consumption of the charcoal powder is proven good to cure intestinal disorders due to its high absorption properties. And it’s pretty too!

That’s all from our favorite list from Foodhall. Visit Foodhall and check out their amazing variety of bread today. We love them and you’ll love them too.

It’s a FWI promise. Cheers to the loaves of happiness!

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