Health Drinks in Focus

Health Drinks: In Focus

Gone are the days when health was mostly associated with physical appearances. Today it encompasses a  deep reaching state of the mind, body and soul. Food is more than just energy it is looked upon on as a healer, cleanser, nourisher.

With processed junk food, highly chemicalized produce and mass-produced meat flooding our markets, taking care of our immune system, our gut and overall nutrition has never been more important. While there are no quick fixes to good health, we can take small steps to build our health over a period of time. One such step is embracing health drinks. Health drinks can help maintain your gut bacteria balance, boost your immunity and cleanse your system. Oh, and did I mention that they are absolutely delicious?

Grow your Gut Health:

How is your gut health so important?-Your gut is your body’s second brain. Your gut allows the body to build a stronger immune system and produce the right kind of bacteria that tells your brain that it’s okay to feel good again. As Hippocrates rightly said all those years ago “All diseases begin in the gut”.

Fermented drinks like kefir are great to maintain and improve gut health. All the good bacteria in kefir help with stomach problems like acid reflux, gas and bloating. Kefir also has minerals and amino acids that help heal the body.  

Detox your system:
Think of your body as an engine and toxins as dirt particles that slow down the connection between the four main sub-parts- the hormonal system, the immune system, the liver and the gut. This is how our body which functions similarly to a “bio” engine gets compromised. Toxins are an underlying cause of many chronic disorders such as hormone imbalances, obesity, sleep disturbances, fatigue and lack of vitality.  

A great way to detox your system is by the use of activated charcoal. It is an antidote that absorbs most organic toxins, chemicals and poisons from the body. It is so effective that it is used in larger doses in emergency rooms for certain types of poisoning. Please note that activated charcoal is not the same as burning wood ashes, and if you are trying activated charcoal ensure that you use only food-grade powder.

Enrich with nutrients:
Juicing has been one of the leading health trends of the past decade. And unlike most other health trends that struggle to survive for more than a couple of months, juicing has survived for years on end and shows no trace of going anywhere! There’s no surprise there. With the fast paced lives of most millennials, juicing is a convenient nutritional booster.

Juicing however, has been a controversial subject with some who claim that it strips the fiber from the fruit/vegetable. The advocates of juicing claim that the human body cannot digest excessive amounts of fiber and the right amounts of fiber makes it easier for the body to absorb other vital nutrients and gives the digestive system a break. Juicing is clearly a delicious way to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. In my opinion a good way to practice juicing would be to enjoy it with a well-balanced diet comprising of lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats and dairy.    

One trend that has become a staple in this industry is cold-pressed juices. A cold press juicer presses the fruit to release the juice.  A traditional centrifugal juicer on the other hand extracts juice via spinning blades. These blades create friction and heat which destroy vital nutrients in the juice like Vitamin C. Another bonus of cold press juicers is that you are able to extract more juice from the fruit, so you get more of the good stuff.    

Supermarkets, food festivals, malls and everywhere you look, you will find cold-press juice bars and packaged bottles; it’s like everyone is swept by this juicing trend. While fruits in juices taste delicious I think that the future of cold-press juices is the low/no fruit juice. The green juice has become a health statement with many celebrities and gym rats who all endorse their own formulas. Although there are many recipes available today, the base of this obsession stems from the fact that an all-vegetable and leafy green juice allows a person to supplement essential nutrition in their diet without the added sugar. In addition to this, adding superfoods like turmeric in cold-press juices is common. Our country’s own miracle spice- turmeric- has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains a powerful antioxidant curcumin which is known to defend against cancer.

In my opinion, cold-press juices are an easy way to get your recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables in the day. Although it will not fill you up due to the lack of fiber, it will provide you with essential nutrition for your body.

Here are some great addition fruit and veggies to add to your own cold-press concoction:

Kale- One of the most nutrient dense food with Vitamin K, A, C, B6 and very powerful antioxidant properties.
Beetroot-Excellent source of folic acid and rich in calcium, iron, Vitamin A and C.
Ginger- Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which help in prevention of illness and boosts immunity.



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