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    Ummrao- Experience the grandeur of nawabi cuisine

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    Celebrate the goodness of eloquent dining at Ummrao

    Ummrao, is a fine-dine restaurant with a rich heritage of the cuisine of the nawabs of Awadh, at its core. Sitting beautifully poised at the heart of Courtyard Marriott, Ummrao reflects the grandeur of the Nawabs in its colour schemes, textures and art work. Inspired by the dynasty’s love for art and architecture, the interiors create a setting of luxury which patrons of art and style are sure to appreciate.

    Featuring a vibrant and eclectic menu that draws inspiration from the royal kitchens of the country, Ummrao offers some of the finest dishes in town seeped in noble traditions. Each and every aspect is rare and has been designed to perfection, be it the unique Awadhi flavours or traditional cooking styles that lend dishes a unique and tantalising aroma.

    Ummrao maintains a unique gastronomic legacy which has been ensured by Master Chef Mukhtar Qureshi. The menu features some of the most sumptuous and delectable dishes, including starters like Nadruki Shammi and Malihabad Kakori, delectable curries like the Ummrao Avataar-E- Halim and Korma Murgh Wajid Ali, breads like TafftanBakhumas and more. Delectable desserts like Purdakh Khubhani Tart signal the perfect end to a culinary celebration.

    This feast for the gustatory senses is further complemented by the unique range of cocktails. Thoughtfully selected by Chef Mukhtar and oenophile, Sanjay Menon, the wine selection thematically matches the menu, giving every diner an unparalleled dining experience.

    Ummrao is a soulful experience! “Apart from their à la carte menu, they also offer a periodically changing tasting menu that gives diners a taste of the unexpected while respecting the seasonality and personality of ingredients. Their exquisite ambience, welcoming and warm hospitality and dedication to offer customers nothing but the best make every meal an unforgettable experience.” Visit Ummrao if you need a reason and a place to celebrate the goodness of eloquent dining.