Cheese Farms In India

ABC Farms:

Started by Aga, Bhathena and Chinoy in 1976 with 14 cows, this farm has grown tremendously since and is run by Sohrab Chinoy and his family as it stands today. India’s leading cheese and dairy product manufacturer, ABC Farms is a Pune-based enterprise situated over 41 acres of land on the banks of a river. Over 70 different varieties of cheese are offered by this company, something that no other artisanal cheese-maker in India can boast of. Top-quality is the company’s one and only objective. The management team is always keen on experimenting and rolling out new cheeses due to its experience of 50 years in operations and business. This company makes health meet unparalleled flavor in each organic slice of cheese, produced from fresh milk using fine farm ingredients. Few of its varieties of cheese are: Pecorino goat cheese, alcohol cheese, Port Wine cheese, vodka and cumin cheese, smoked ham cheese. Apart from cheese production, ABC Farms is a large organic cultivation endeavor that grows interesting crops such as black rice and aztec corn.

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Acres Wild:

This cheese-making farm spread across 22 acres of land in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu is a self-supporting farm that grows all its own ingredients, organically. Acres Wild’s aim is to shape an eco-friendly lifestyle while crafting a selection of delectable natural-rind cheeses. It is owned by film maker Mansoor Khan who is credited with scripting and making the iconic film “Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander”. The farm specializes in making handmade gourmet or artisan cheese. It uses no chemicals and makes 100% vegetarian cheeses from microbial coagulant. With a wide range of soft cheeses like Feta, Ricotta, and Halloumi to hard mold cheese, Acres Wild has around 20 kinds of cheeses to offer. Each independent flavor is a beautiful creation of fresh ingredients molded over the perfect period of aging, with glorious textures and shapes. Apart from making cheese in-house, the farm also conducts two-day make your own gourmet cheese classes for its guests. Moreover the guest cottages are named after all types of cheese – so you have the Cheddar House, Halloumi House, Colby Cottage for a cheesy stay.

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Cinnabar Farms:

This amazing countryside home in Kodaikanal gets mentioned for its cosy rooms, lunches and dinners, but Cinnabar Farms is also well known for its artisanal cheese. It produces freshly crafted artisanal cheeses inspired by European styles and flavors. This venture was started by K. Balakrishnan and his wife, who learnt the art of cheese-making from experts on the west coast of the US, and they specialize in the hard Italian style cheese known as Cinnamano. Other specialties include Cinnableu, a creamy blue cheese very much like the English Stilton, the yellow cheese and a washed curd cheese, called the Cinnabar Colby. The farm runs a cheese-making center and offers bed and breakfast if you want to witness the cheese-making process. Guests here can participate in their cheese-making courses, which range from day-long sessions for amateurs to longer classes for small-scale and large-scale cheese production.

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La Ferme Cheese:

This Pondicherry-based artisanal cheese crafter produces almost 10 different varieties of gourmet cheeses combining Indian, Dutch and French techniques. La Ferme Cheese, one of the country’s oldest handmade cheese-making companies, has seen several people heading it since it was first started in 1988. It is currently under the supervision of Auroville resident Benny Ernst. Giving utmost importance to high hygiene standards, each product is free of preservatives, artificial flavoring or colors. La Ferme even offers site visits. The firm adopts traditional methods for cheese making, keeping in mind the South Indian climate. The team includes professional Indian, Dutch and French cheese-makers who use natural whole cow milk, salts, vegetarian enzymes and seasoning cultures. From fresh cheese including Mozzarella, Feta, Ricotta, to seasoned cheeses like Lofabu, Auroblochon, Parmesan and Jeera cheese, La Ferme produces about 100 kg of handmade cheeses in over 10 varieties daily.

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Casa Del Cheese:

Started by former business-journalist Dhvani Desai, this Mumbai-based cheese-making endeavor aims to make delicious, gourmet flavors accessible in India. Dhvani Desai is a foodie who learnt cheese-making due to limited and expensive cheese available in market. She started taking interest in learning cheese making in 2009. She travelled to Europe to hone her cheese making skills. Ever since then there has been no looking back. Influenced by European cheese flavors, Casa Del Cheese uses the finest ingredients to craft exotic cheeses under the best hygiene conditions. All their cheeses are free of preservatives, chemicals or emulsifiers, and each different texture will tickle your taste buds. And what sets Casa Del’s cheeses apart is that they’re all completely organic. Casa Del Cheese is famous for its Greek style feta. Other varieties of cheese that the company provides are gourd mustard, snow-cake creamy and tangy, chevre style logs etc.

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Eleftheria Cheese:

With a cheese making business named after the Greek word for freedom (Eleftheria), it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mausam Jotwani has always wanted to break free. Break free from a corporate life and slip into a life that allows her to turn organic cow’s milk into cheese with wild honey and apricot. Artisan cheese that is inspired by European flavors is made by Eleftheria Cheese and is made by blending locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. As is with most eatables, the primary ingredient used by these creators makes all the difference, as they source milk from the finest organic farms. This dream was inspired when Mausam travelled to Germany and experienced the world of cheeses beyond the regular processed Amul variety. What sets Eleftheria apart is that they craft only fresh, cow’s milk cheeses, and they are inspired by French, Greek and Italian styles. Eleftheria’s cheeses include The Fromage Blanc which is available in four flavours— garlic and parsley; honey and apricot; dried herbs and extra virgin olive oil; and chives and pepper and The Bulgarian Feta that comes marinated in olive oil, herbs and paprika.

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Exito Gourmet:

This Chandigarh-based Bocconcini (mozzarella balls) maker that specializes in Mozzarella di Bufala (mozzarella made from water buffalo milk), was founded by Giuseppe Mozzillo, Jorge Tapia Chavero, Brian Choudary and Puneet Gupta. Exito Gourmet, established in 2008 aims to recreate European cheeses with fine, fresh Indian milk. A wide range of different cheeses like cheddar, emmental, gouda and so forth are the beautifully delectable creations of this gourmet producer, crafted using cheese-making expertise and knowledge. Exito advertises its cheeses as “the best of Italy, made in India.” The company makes soft Italian cheeses like Buffalo Mozzarella, Ricotta and Mascarpone in the northern state of Haryana, and ships them to around 500 stores and restaurants across India.

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Caroselle is one of best cheese making company in India but is surprisingly not so well-known. This company has been around since 1990s. It was founded by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, an Italian-American who settled near Kodaikanal to practice the teachings of Aurobindo. Their cheeses are made by staff who had been trained by one of Norelli-Bachelet’s student. The cheese made by this company include: Parmesan, cheddar, Montasio, Edam, feta, two kinds of Gouda, plain and pepper and a Camembert-style cheese made of milk procured from their own Swati Pant Dairy in Petuparai village, which has around 50 cows.

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Flanders Dairy Products:

This producer of natural, artisanal cheeses aims to bring European flavors to India. The founder, Sunil Bhu who acted on his love for European cheese, took up apprentice in Flanders (a province of Belgium) to learn the art of cheese making under the guidance of a Master cheese maker in Diksmuide, Flanders. After learning the fine art of producing farm cheese, he then moved to North Italy, where he mastered the production of a variety of South European cheeses. Sunil then returned to start his own cheese brand ‘Flanders Dairy’ in Delhi in the ’90s. The company that was set up in Bijwasan village on the outskirts of Delhi, initially began making Gouda, but by the end of the decade, Sunil Bhu shifted to mozzarella, as the onset of new pizzerias in India had introduced localities to the joy of a crust overwhelmed in cheese and sauce. Flanders is a high-quality cheese-making venture influenced by the art of European cheese crafting. With a dairy farm yielding fresh cow’s milk, age old tried-and-tested methods are enforced to create specific flavors and consistency in each delectable product. Flanders Dairy, which now makes cheese from almost 4500 to 5000 liters of milk daily, specializes in a variety of cheeses – Kwark, Ricotta, Scamorza, Bocconcini, and Mascarpone to name a few.

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Swiss Happy Cow Cheese:

Swiss Happy Cow Cheese is an artisanal cheese brand, producing traditional cheese in Goa for over a decade now with over 15 varieties of traditional authentic Swiss cheese. It was started by Barbara Schwarzfischer, who is a professional cheese maker with an experience of more than 20 years in traditional Swiss cheese making. Barbara worked as an intern for cheese manufacturers in the Alps for over a decade before starting her own line of production in Goa. Swiss Happy Cow Cheese products are made with care and spirit, following the old Swiss tradition of cheese making, as well as modern European quality standards. When Barbara first tried Indian cheeses, she realized that Indian cheese-makers lack experience, and they aren’t nearly as good as the delicious European cheese styles. She wanted to change that. And so she started this venture. She creates eight different types of delectable cheeses now, such as Camembert, Mutschli, Blue Shimmel and Feta, topped with flavours of walnuts, olives, green pepper and various other herbs.

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Himalayan Cheese:

Himalayan Products is a unique enterprise in the Valley of Kashmir, India, making natural artisan cheese. The company was founded by a Dutch entrepreneur Chris Zandee, who used his Dutch heritage and traditions to make cheese in an environmentally friendly and locally acceptable way. With fresh mountain milk, lip-smacking delights of Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Kalari and the likes are the best creations of Himalayan Artisan Cheese. Light flavors caress your taste buds with each bite of their locally-crafted cheeses, made from freshly grown ingredients and infused with flavors like chilli, cumin, fenugreek, black pepper, walnut, mustard, basil garlic and so forth.

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Kodai Dairy Products:

Kodai Dairy Products that was founded in 1973 in Batlagundu in Tamil Nadu, focuses on producing cheese that is nutritionally beneficial as well as unbelievably flavorsome. Today it produces a variety of flavored cheeses like chilly, basil, pepper and garlic. Each creation is bathed in a variety of fresh ingredients. The health benefits are kept alive using special production techniques, and avoiding preservatives altogether. Milk produced on their own farms is used into making these French-inspired cheeses, a tradition that had started 47 years ago.

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Mango Hill Cheese:

Nestled in the countryside between Auroville and Pondicherry, Mango Hill Cheese is owned by a French family that aims to bring the charm of French culture’s cheese to India. What started three years ago as production for self-consumption, quickly turned into a successful family-run business. With fresh milk from local farmers and fine farm-grown ingredients, they produce amazingly rich cheeses. Their wide selection includes soft Borsalino, creamy blue cheese, sweet Colby, and so forth.

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The Cheese Collective:

The Cheese Collective started by Mansi Jasani in 2013, hosts a wide range of hand-crafted delectable flavored cheese fit for every occasion from an elaborate party, to a corporate event, or even for a quiet dinner for two. With various ingredients coming together to complement gorgeous flavors, each creation is a unique culinary experience in every gooey, bloomy, smooth or blue-veined bite. And, apart from producing their own cheese as well as hosting cheeses produced by other makers, The Cheese Collective (TCC) also does cheese education and workshops. From fresh homemade chèvre and labneh to camembert and aged gruyere, The Cheese Collective has it all.

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The Spotted Cow Fromagerie:

Gooey and deliciously flavored exotic artisanal cheeses with an intoxicating aroma wafting from a basement in Dahisar might sound bizarre. Started by two brothers, Prateeksh and Agnay Mehra, who initially began experimenting with soft French cheeses in their humid Mumbai basement, the Spotted Cow Fromgerie produces artisan cheeses like Bombrie and Camembay that are local takes of their French originals, Brie and Camembert.

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