Demystifying The Basics of Salt

Ask anyone what is the most important ingredient to store in the kitchen and they’ll say salt. Salt is universally in every cuisine the most important ingredient to bring out the flavor of the other ingredients. It has always been the supporter in highlighting the flavors to the tongue but never the one that adds to the flavor. This, however, is slowly changing. A lot can change between the different types of salt you use. Most of us just know the normal table salt but there’s so much more to know. Your food can have different flavours depending on which salt you use. Here’s a list of salts to change your outlook on food.





Texture: Coarse pieces. Look like crystals

Used for: Used to season vegetables and meat before cooking. Since it doesn’t dissolve immediately and can be seen when put, it is better to use kosher salt to judge how even the application of salt is





Texture: Unrefined and coarser than table salt

Used for: Used to add a burst of flavour to the food. Since it is unrefined, it can taste a little bitter or sour depending on where it came from





Texture: Coarse crystals of colours ranging from off-white to pink shades

Used for: Used to rim margarita glasses for it’s bold flavor due it’s mineral content. Also used as finishing salt as finishing touch for a change in taste





Texture: Reddish-black granules

Used for: Used in vegan and vegetarian dishes as it gives the flavour of eggs since it is made by putting it in a jar with charcoal, herbs, barks and seeds.





Texture: Brown sticky granules

Used for: Used to flavour meats and healthier vegetables like potatoes to give it a smoked, charred flavour without the grill.





Texture: Feels exactly like normal table salt

Used for: Used to pickle vegetables, as it doesn’t contain any added iodine or anti-caking agents that usually cause ugly discoloration of food if used for pickling.





Texture: Large non-uniform chunks of grey

Used for: Used to make ice-creams. In olden times it was used to make ice-cremas to regulate the temperature


Also, a new and interesting concept that has risen in the past few years is the concept of Infused Salts. The flavours that infused salts can take are infinite. It all depends on how many ingredients you have in your kitchen. It’s a brilliant way to see an ingredient as simple as salt elevating your food to another level.  

These salts can be used for a variety of recipes ranging from cocktails to breads and desserts to savoury dishes. Your imagination can absolutely wild with these. One of the reasons infused salts are so popular is due to its versitality in usage. Since, they are so easy to make, they make a great way to give as homemade gifts for the cooks among your loved ones.

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