As the Vancouver International Wine Festival wind down to a close, more than 80,000 glasses of wine had been sampled and tasted. The festival

I have spent many an evening swinging back tequila shots with lime and salt. But my writing about alcohol took me to the exact focal point of the existence of this drink. I take you around Mexico in a tequila trail to discover the rich cultural heritage behind the drink. My research leads me to some of the most beautiful blue agave plantations all over Mexico. The Tequila Trail is one of the best ways to explore the Mexican countryside and explore essential parts of their cuisine. So, pack up your livers and come along.

There’s something about modern cities in Asia that I thoroughly enjoy. The infectious energy from the sheer number of people, the tall buildings and

It’s January 2011. I’m a few days away from opening my first restaurant in Mumbai, which will serve only wine by way of alcohol.

Something remarkable is going on. Not in a way that makes headlines overnight and definitely not something you see on hoardings splashed across the

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Click on the link in the heading to view the article